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Graduate Schools,Faculties&Departments

Sugiyama Jogakuen University(SJU) belongs to a comprehensive educational institution. In fact, we are the only private girls' institution in Aichi Prefecture offering continuous schooling from kindergarten through to university.
At the university we focus on providing a high quality education. Since our inception, we have continued to use the motto "Nurturing humanity" as our educational philosophy. Students can study a wide range of courses including nutrition, environment, languages, communication, information technology, etc. in order to benefit themselves and the global community.

Enrich yourself with a Sugiyama education

A university must continuously reform its organization and curriculum along with ongoing changes in society, lifestyles and technology. At Sugiyama we aspire to provide an education that does more than just allow you to fulfill the needs of contemporary society:we want you to lead it.


Graduate Schools

Graduate School

Cultivating advanced specialists

The two graduate schools offer higher degrees for those who wish to enhance and specialize in their studies and/or develop specific knowledge and research skills.

Graduate School of Life Studies

This course allows candidates to examine the relationship between food, nutrition, and human environment from a number of different angles with the ultimate aim of improving overall quality of life.

Graduate School of Human-Relations Studies

We were the first graduate school in Japan to focus on studying human relations. We offer an in-depth program focusing on clinical psychology, sociology, and education.

Graduate School of Modern Management

The School of Modern Management cultivates intelligent human resource and equips them with the skills in innovation that will enable them to break through the obstacles of today’s economic society and create completely new streams of value by integrating advanced knowledge with existing products and systems.

Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education offers three courses – Expressive Education, Mathematical Science Education and Formal Education – in which students conduct research on formal education including in the fields of pedagogy, educational psychology and pre-school education.

School of Life Studies

Investigating everyday existence from a scientist’s perspective

In this School we analyze aspects of life to determine the healthiest, most comfortable and rewarding way to live. We endeavor to achieve this by studying the fundamentals of food, clothing and environment.


School of Life Studies

Department of Human Nutrition

In this Department, students scientifically investigate nutrition to appreciate how food affects our bodies and our health.


School of Life Studies

Department of Human Environment Design

Our Department contains three majors: Apparel Media, Architecture/Building, Interior Design and Product Design. Students receive practical training in areas relating to the human environment.

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School of Cross-Cultural Studies

Communicating our culture to the rest of the world

Since intercultural communication requires more than just language ability, our curriculum also includes study of the culture, history and society in Japan, English-speaking as well as other European countries. We strive to develop graduates who are capable of proficiently communicating about Japanese culture to people in other countries.


School of Cross-Cultural Studies

Department of Foreign Studies

We aim to improve students’ self-expression and cross-cultural awareness with training in foreign language communicative ability, primarily via practical, discussion-based courses.


School of Cross-Cultural Studies

Department of Classical and Contemporary Cultures

By developing a profound understanding of the place of Japan in the world, including its language, culture, literature and thought, our students can competently communicate their knowledge of Japan to the world.


School of Human Sciences

Training specialists in interpersonal relationships

The School takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of people and associated relationship problems. We also feature a special program to encourage and support non-Japanese students.


School of Human Sciences

Department of Human Relations

Our objective is to foster an understanding of the diversity and complexity of humans and their relationships with others. The four main study fields are Lifestyles (particularly women’s), Human Development, Contemporary Society and Human Environment.


School of Human Sciences

Department of Psychology

The program imparts professional insight into the complications of human relationships and develops the ability to provide much-needed counseling for psychological problems.

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School of Culture–Information Studies

Creating Active Members of 21st-Century Society, With “Culture” and “Information” as our Key Concepts

The goal of this School is two-fold: ① to foster an awareness of and appreciation for the structure of society, the nature of culture, and human activity; ② to provide students with the practical skills necessary for functioning smoothly and successfully in an increasingly internationalized and information/media-centered world.


School of Culture–Information Studies

Department of Culture-Information Studies

While receiving practical training in such areas as information technology and foreign languages, students examine the new, astonishingly productive forms of interaction among culture, information, and society in a wide range of fields—from Asian Area Studies, computing, and the teaching of languages to tourism and archive management—and learn how to be effective participants in this interaction.


School of Culture–Information Studies

Department of Media-Information Studies

Students are thoroughly familiarized with the nature of media and how its development has impacted on the individual and society, and are taught the practical skills necessary for ①creating and disseminating information (such as by producing videos or HPs), and ② efficiently selecting, analyzing, evaluating, and utilizing information (by applying data-analysis techniques, among others) .


School of Modern Management

School of Modern Management

Developing the knowledge and skills needed to become a leader

Our purpose is to nurture management specialists by providing the know-how and skills needed by those planning to take leadership roles in society, corporations or organizations, both local and international.

Department of Modern Management

The three majors of International, District/Community, and Business are studied progressively from discipline-specific introductory classes on management through to increasingly more specialized courses involving decision-making and problem-solving skills.

School of Education

School of Education

Fostering professional and caring educators

Our program prepares students to be thoughtful, purposeful and creative in the classroom and in the community.

Department of Child Development

We offer students a highly functional and diverse curriculum with an emphasis on hands-on learning activities.

School of Nursing

School of Education

Nurturing of skilled nurses who respect the dignity of life

Sugiyama Jogakuen University School of Nursing (SJUSN) was established as the 7th school of SJU in 2010.

Department of Nursing

SJUSN offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and eligibility for admission to the national licensing exam for nurses and for public health nurses. SJUSN aims to foster highly skilled advanced nurses, nursing faculty and health administration leaders who have comprehensive knowledge of humans, respect the dignity of life, and dedicate themselves to healthcare for local and global communities with humanity and high morality.

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