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Welcome to CIEP

CIEP coordinates all international exchange programs. We provide information on our exchange partners, and back up our sister-schools’ as well as our own exchange students’ study abroad programs. The Center regularly holds international exchange activities.

Course and Activities for International Students




(1) Regular study times with advice and practice provided by SJU student volunteers.
(2) An overnight study tour to historic Kyoto.
(3) Enjoyable hands-on cultural experiences such as making pottery, learning how to put on a kimono, attending tea ceremony, etc.
(4) Overnight stays with a Japanese family.
(5) Experiencing intern programs at Japanese companies.

Partner Institutions

Partner Institutions Shanghai Normal University Sripatum University University of Tasmania Pai Chai University Soon Chuu Hyaug University Asia University マレーシア科学大学 ケベック大学モントリオール校(カナダ) ヴィクトリア大学ウェリントン校(ニュージーランド) サザンクロス大学(オーストラリア)

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